The MMA Podcast that walks the line between serious and ridiculous with views from Ingo Weigold, Matt Griffith, and the Magic 8 Ball to keep us in check.

Max Holloway vs Jose Aldo 2 UFC 218 Results and Recap

Bisping vs Gastulem [1:28]
UFC 217 [35:30]
Max Holloway does cool s*** [35:49]
Tecia Torres vs Micelle Watterson [8:11]
Justin Gathje vs Eddie Alvarez [7:40]
Francis Ngannou vs Alistair Overrem [11:51]
Max Holloway vs Jose Aldo 2 [19:34]
UFC 217 PPV Buy rate [20:46]
GSP has intestine issues [21:32]
Rumor of Fedor vs Bigfoot 2 in July of 2018 [23:40]
Donald Cerrone is talking about moving back to 155 [24:12]
Conor McGregor goes to court [26:00]
Why do fighter think the belt is theirs after they lost it? [28:10]
Fighters tied up in contract extensions [31:20]
Shane Carwin officially retires [32:11]
Jeremy Stephens vs Doo Ho Choi [33:58]
Johny Hendricks gets a kangaroo [34:27]
How will we remember Michael Bisping once he's gone?

What was the better fight to you guys, Justin vs Eddie fight or the yancy vs cowboy fight?

Ben Askren retired undefeated. How will he be remembered?

Do you think Aldo should retire or move up to 155?

And did you guys play the UFC 3 beta?

Would you rather know when you are going to die or how you are going to die? (You can’t change the time or method of your death.)

Would you rather be able to control animals (but not humans) with your mind or control electronics with your mind?

Would you rather suddenly be elected a senator or suddenly become a CEO of a major company. (You won’t have any more knowledge about how to do either job than you do right now.)

F*** Marry Kill "Celebrity Edition 4": Adrianne Palicki, Ashley Greenes, Génesis Rodríguez

Netflix Documentary Jim and Andy

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