The MMA Podcast that walks the line between serious and ridiculous with views from Ingo Weigold, Matt Griffith, and the Magic 8 Ball to keep us in check.

Recap [4:16]
Dominick Cruz in the booth [4:18]
Why a 3 man booth? [4:44]
Fedor and UFC contracts [7:41]
Scale Malfunction [8:27]
Alistair Overeem vs Junior Dos Santos [9:35]
Lance Armstrong [12:22]
Michael Johnson vs Nate Diaz [20:15]
Rafael dos Anjos vs Donald Cerrone [23:55]

1) Julianna Pena allegedly arrested for assault [30:13]
2) UFC/Reebok new Conor McGregor shirts [31:47]
3) Weight Cutting Summit - new weight classes [32:19]
4) Michael Bisping wants to fight Chris Weidman [39:06]
5) Immediate Rematch [40:38]
6) Ronda Rousey filming 2 movies then wants to fight Holly Holm [41:11]
7) Conor McGregor [43:25]
8) Is Joe Rogan becoming the Thing from the Fantastic Four? [46:24]

1) Do you think McGregor vs Aldo will be another Velasquez vs JDS Situation? Or has McGregor done enough? [47:44]
2) Do you think Overeem looked so much smaller cause of the extended testing for roids?[48:34]
3) Talking shit like Diaz in the octagon: love it or hate it? I was at the event in Orlando and the crowd was loving it when Nate was talking shit and event started to chant his name.[49:34]
4) Who you leaning towards in the Hendricks vs Wonderboy Thompson fight? [50:26]
5) If the UFC can only resign 1 of these 3, who would u pick, Aljamin Sterling, Benson Henderson or Overeem? [51:12]
6) Who much of a little bitch does Nate Diaz look? The guy can't hack on his division and is going to call McGregor? What a load of crap, everybody knows that the Diaz brothers are Overrated pussys. [52:15]
7) How do u guys feel about mma math? [53:44]

Episode # 272

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