The MMA Podcast that walks the line between serious and ridiculous with views from Ingo Weigold, Matt Griffith, and the Magic 8 Ball to keep us in check.

#UFC 238 Recap [2:23]
Henry Cejudo vs Marlon Moraes [2:41]
Valentina Schevchenko vs Jessica Eye [6:01]
Cowboy vs Tony Ferguson [6:53]
Brock Lesnar [12:53]
Anthony Smith’s broken hand [16:35]
Dana white and the Fertitas talking about buying a NFL team [18:54]
Dana White pulling the plug on BJ Penn [19:59]
Bellator signs Hooters worker to fight [22:42]
PVZ [25:55]
Artemi Panarin has hanns [26:24]
#AskTheNuts [29:18]
If you could officially change the 2 words "Interim Title" to any other 2 words, what would they be?Let's say that there will be a first ever Male vs Female MMA fight. What man would you put up againstValentina Shevchenco for an AWESOME event?Chris Weidman is moving up to light Heavyweight, just like Luke Rockhold.  Who should he fight first?Did you know Henry Cejudo won a gold medal?Are the women's divisions starting to stall out on talent? Most of the top 10 have a win percentage less than 75%.
1) Would you rather be a moderately successful radio personality OR the star of a primetime sitcom that got cancelled after one season?

2) Would you rather find out you’re adopted OR find out one of your parents has a secret family?

3) Would you rather be pelted with tennis balls for 1 minutes OR be pelted with water balloons for 10 minutes?

4) Would you rather have venomous fangs OR a second set of eyes in the back of your head?

F*** Marry Kill "Celebrity Edition #47" (Hollywood Give Me Wood #19): Alexandra Daddario, Amy Adams and Gwyneth Paltrow

Russian slapping contest - female edition

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