The MMA Podcast that walks the line between serious and ridiculous with views from Ingo Weigold, Matt Griffith, and the Magic 8 Ball to keep us in check.

UFC Fight Night 89 Results | Stephen Thompson vs Rory MacDonald

UFC Fight Night results [2:11]
Valerie Letourneau vs Joanne Calderwood [3:16]
Donald Cerrone vs Patrick Cote [4:49]
Stephen Thompson vs Rory MacDonald [8:46]
Does this fight with Thompson hurt MacDonald’s stock? [14:37]
Fedor Emelianenko vs Fabio Maldonado [16:42]
Does the UFC sign Fedor after this fight? [19:56]
UFC sale rumors [20:47]
Is Joe Rogan leaving the UFC? [23:25]
What would it be like to work for Zuffa? [25:24]
Nevada going to require mandatory neurological examinations to get a license [28:51]
John Howard diagnosed with autism at 33 [29:49]
Brock Lesnar gets his blu belt in Jiu Jitsu [32:53]
New weigh in procedures may be coming to Nevada [36:44]
Dan Henderson’s logo [38:21]

Which MMA Fighter had the biggest fall from grace – multiple Anthony Pettis, Cro Cop, Ronda Rousey, Mayhem Miller, or Anderson Silva? [38:58]

Which champion has the best chance of moving up a weight division and winning a second belt? [41:16]

Do you think we've seen better performances and more entertaining fights since the ufc changed their weigh in system? Fighters seem to have more energy and can withstand more damage or just coincidence? [42:18]

Do you guys think Cerrone can make a legitimate run at the welterweight belt and if so, how do you think he matches up against the current champion? [42:34]

How do you feel about the absence of Ariel Helwani, Dana White, Joe Rogan, and Mike Goldberg from the UFC?? Will the UFC be as successful without them? [43:16]

What did you guys think of the weigh in antics for UFC Ottawa? Bubbles, muffins, wigs, and a puppy? Really? [44:42]

If Fedor was knocked unconscious in the 1st Round could he have continued "Weekend At Fedor’s style? [45:24]

How much SHOULD the UFC be paying Coyboy Cerrone for a fight? (Payment in Budweiser not an option) [45:48]

If you (the nuts) were given 3 octagon side tickets to who would you give the ticket to? (Selling ticket not an option) [46:01]

Elephant getting busy, but diarrhea denies him [49:53]

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